HCV Section 8

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) or Section 8 Program provides assistance for low-income families in the private rental market through the Housing Assistance Payments Program. Housing Choice Voucher holders select a unit from the private rental market. Rental assistance makes market rate housing affordable. Program participants normally pay no more than 30% of their monthly-income and FPHA pays the remainder directly to the landlord. As part of a family’s monthly rental allowance, HUD also includes a utility allowance. Utility allowances can be small or large, ranging from less than $10 to over $200 for a resident household per month, depending on the number of utilities and uses covered, and the dwelling unit and/or household size.

The Fort Payne Housing Authority administers approximately 111 vouchers. With a voucher, a family is able to select a home in the private rental market. If the family chooses to move, the assistance is transferable. All housing must be inspected by FPHA and meet Housing Quality Standards.

Applications for the HCV Program are accepted on Thursday’s only. You may pick up an application for this program at our office located at 203 13th Street N.E., Fort Payne, Alabama.