The FPHA has a highly qualified maintenance department that maintains 283 units and the property grounds on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide you with a safe place to live with the highest quality maintenance service. If there is a need for repairs in or outside your unit, we ask for you to report this to our office so we can send a work order to our service staff so they can make necessary repairs as soon as possible.

There are (2) two types of work orders, Routine and Emergency. All routine work orders will perform during normal business hours. You may call them in during normal Business hours at (256-845-0424) Ext. #100. Emergency work orders may be called in at any time during the day or night and on weekends. If you are unsure if it is considered an emergency, please see (Emergency Work Order Procedures). Below is a description of both types of work orders. Just remember, any unreported maintenance is considered a serious lease violation. 

(1) Routine Maintenance Work Order Routine maintenance work orders are associated with normal wear and tear that is not a health and safety risk. Routine work orders may also involve damages that are made by the tenant, household members, or guest.

If something needs to be fixed, don’t wait. Report the problem by calling your Property Manager’s office below. You will not be charged for repairs due to normal wear and tear. You will be charged when you, household members, or guest cause damage to your unit or appliances. ( See list of maintenance charges ).

For Routine Work orders during Normal Business Hours click the button below or  call:  (256) 845-0424 Ext . #100



Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Friday – 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


(2) Emergency Maintenance Work Order

An emergency threatens someone’s health or safety and will cause a great deal of property damage if not corrected right away. If you are unsure it is an Emergency ( See Emergency Work Order Procedures) for more detailed information. 


For EMERGENCY Work orders after hours, during a Holiday, or weekends call:

(256-845-0424) Ext. #106 and someone will return your call as soon as possible. 

The Fort Payne Housing Authority (FPHA) recognizes the importance of pest control in providing a safe and healthy living environment for its residents.  Although, households are responsible for maintaining the rental unit in a safe condition that is free from insects, rodents, and bedbugs. The Fort Payne Housing Authority (FPHA) has implemented a pest control management program that is a joint venture between itself, resident households, and the pest control company. The Fort Payne Housing Authority has contracted with a licensed professional pest control company to perform regularly scheduled pest control services within all rental units, community centers, management offices, and public common areas. These services are performed the 2nd Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each month


Preventive measures which address the conditions that introduce pests, sustain their existence, and promote infestations shall be taken first. Special attention is given to routine inspections; resident education; pest exclusion practices, such as housekeeping and food storage.  


Households can assist with pest control by merely maintaining the rental unit in an orderly and clean manner and by properly disposing of garbage in sealed plastic garbage bags (not paper bags or boxes). As always, households are reminded NO TO BRING IN second-hand furniture and mattresses/box springs that have been discarded as trash. 


Maintenance personnel and the Pest Control Contractor will perform monthly housekeeping inspections to review each household’s unit cleanliness and unit condition while performing regular monthly pest management. If there are problems with a rental unit cleanliness or condition, those households are put on a re-spray list and are scheduled for increased pest extermination treatments on the 4th Tuesday of the month. If no improvement is observed, a household is subject to watch a housekeeping video. After watching the housekeeping video, if

a  household deliberately fails to cooperate with any pest control instructions provided by the Housing Authority and/or its pest control service shall result in tenancy termination. Resident cooperation with the extermination plan is essential.


RESIDENT FAILURE TO COMPLY: Resident failure to adequately prepare for pest control treatments or to allow access to their dwelling unit for scheduled pest control services is not only a threat to the health and safety of the resident community, but is also a violation of Part D of Section VIII “Tenant Obligations” of their public housing lease agreement and is grounds for termination.